Amazon Baby Registry: A Comprehensive Guide

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Amazon Baby Registry feature is a boon for parents-to-be. It’s simple and free to set up, making it one of the most accessible baby registries online. It gives you a head start on things and helps parents save money from the get-go.

In this article, we will talk about a comprehensive guide to Amazon’s Baby Registry, so scroll down to learn everything about Amazon Baby Registry.

What is an Amazon Baby Registry?

Amazon baby registry is a service offered by the e-commerce giant to make it easier for new parents to receive gifts from friends and family members.

An Amazon Baby Registry is an online list of items that expectant parents would like to receive as gifts for their new baby. By creating a registry on Amazon, expectant parents can invite family and friends to purchase items from their registry instead of buying a gift off their wish list.

Why you need Amazon Baby Registry

Anyone who has had a child will tell you that the costs add up quickly. There are so many expenses that come with having a baby, not to mention all of the new gear they need to thrive at home.

A Baby Registry on Amazon helps ease this financial burden by giving you an easy way to pre-load gifts from trusted brands in one place.

How to create an Amazon baby registry

Creating an Amazon baby registry is quite simple. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

  • Click the below button to get started with the baby registry Amazon.
  • Then click on the “Create a New Baby Registry” Button.
  • If you have already signed up on Amazon, then you need to sign in to your Amazon account. If you haven’t signed up on Amazon, then you need to sign up on amazon by providing a few personal details.
  • Then you need to configure your baby registry by entering a few basic details.
  • Once your registry is ready, then you can add products to your baby registry.
  • Then all you need to do is share your baby registry with your family and friends.

The Benefits of Amazon’s Baby Registry

Amazon offers many benefits for expectant parents who are creating a baby registry and those who are shopping for an expectant parent’s baby registry.

Free welcome box:

When you create an amazon baby registry welcome box, you’ll receive a surprise welcome box from Amazon. The amazon baby registry welcome box contains $35 worth of baby-related items.

Universal Registry:

It’s okay if what you want isn’t available on Amazon. With Amazon’s Universal Registry feature, you may add things from other websites to your baby registry.

Completion Discount:

Amazon also offers a completion coupon for new parents who create a registry and invite friends and family to shop. When completed, expectant parents receive a completion coupon that can be used on anything sold by Amazon (and some select third-party sellers).

The completion coupon can be used to purchase items off the registry and any other items sold on Amazon. The completion coupon is valid for three months from the date you created your registry. It can be used once and can be combined with other discounts and coupons.

365 days return:

There is no need to fret if you dislike one of the gifts you received since you have up to 365 days return window after the package’s delivery to return it. The best part is that the gift giver will never know about your decision! Please remember that you can return baby items that you purchased from the registry up to 90 days after delivery.

Convenience :

The most obvious benefit is that you don’t have to leave the house to shop and you can find everything you need in one place. Amazon stores tons of baby products that are top-rated by customers. You can create a Baby Registry on the website and invite people to purchase gifts through it. Your friends and family can shop from the convenience of their homes and have the products shipped to your home.

Access to a wide variety of products:

Amazon offers a wide variety of products, including everything you need for your baby’s first year and beyond. It means you can find everything you need in one place, without visiting multiple stores or different websites.

Helping new parents with the cost of baby gear:

 If you are expecting a baby, you may already know how expensive it is to raise a child. You will need to buy many things for the baby, including a crib, diapers, clothes, etc. With a Baby Registry on Amazon, you can ask your friends and family to help you with the cost of some of these things.

Free shipping  & Two days delivery:

Prime members get the benefits of free shipping & two days delivery service on their baby registrant offer. If you don’t have a Prime membership, you can still benefit from free delivery by purchasing an item that costs $35 or more.

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Which Products are eligible for Amazon’s Baby Registry?

Amazon allows you to add items from Amazon’s catalog to your baby registry. You will find various products for your baby, baby accessories, and maternity wear. With Baby Registry on Amazon, you can create a registry for yourself or a friend who’s expecting a baby. You can add anything from baby clothes to cribs and strollers.

How to add products from Amazon to your baby registry?

Once you have logged into your Amazon account and opened the ‘Start your free baby registry’ page, you’ll be able to add products to your registry. For each product, you can select the product type, brand name, price, quantity, and your registry date. Once you have added all the items, you can add them to your ‘Wish list’ tab so that you can plan for your baby shower.

How to Find the Best Products For Your Amazon Registry?

There are many ways to find great items to add to your Baby Registry on Amazon. First, you can browse the most popular items on Amazon by clicking on the “Most Wished For” tab. This shows you the products that are the most added to registries. You can also browse “Top Baby Registry Gifts” to see what other people have added to their registries. You can also use a registry app to help you find the best products to add to your registry.

Final Words: Is Amazon’s Baby Registry Worth It?

Amazon’s Baby Registry is a convenient way to help new parents with the cost of baby gear. A completion coupon is offered to all parents who create a registry and invite friends and family to purchase items from the registry. By registering with Amazon, you can quickly help friends and family find exactly what they need. They can navigate Amazon’s wide variety of products and quickly check your registry to see what items they should buy for you.

So, according to our review, the baby registry on Amazon is worth trying. The next time you plan a baby shower or think about buying a gift for a friend who is expecting, consider creating an Amazon Baby Registry!