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Tidio Review: Why This Chatbot App is a Game Changer

Tidio Review
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Tidio Review 2022: Did you know that the average response time for customer inquiries is now nearly 18 hours? This number doesn’t even include all the customers who never get a response from support in the first place. The volume of incoming inquiries and support tickets has skyrocketed to an unmanageable level for most businesses. It means that companies are losing customers left and right because of their inability to provide a speedy, effective, and human experience regarding customer service interactions. And this is why Tidio Chat is such a game-changing app.

Tidio Chat is a complete solution built around chat as the primary method of communication with users on your website or mobile app. It’s also one of the first AI-driven chat agents explicitly designed with business needs in mind. In this Tidio review, we have covered everything that will help you to know more about this chatbot app.

What is Tidio?

Tidio is an AI chatbot technology company that has developed a chatbot platform designed with businesses in mind. Their flagship product is Tidio Chat, a full-featured chat app that combines AI bots and a real-time human-like chat experience.

The company was founded in 2013 by Marcin Wiktor and Titus Golas. They knew that there was a need for a more robust and scalable solution for businesses looking to provide a more engaging and personal experience to their customers through chat. Thus, Tidio was born. Tidio Chat is their flagship product that promises to revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers through chat. It’s a complete solution built around chat as the primary method of communication with users on your website or mobile app.

How Tidio Chat Works

Tidio Chat is a complete solution built around chat as the primary method of communication with users on your website or mobile app. It combines a powerful chatbot, human-like chat experience, and real-time analytics to make support efficient and enjoyable. You can integrate Tidio Chat into your website or app in just a few minutes.

You can also select a one-click Tidio Chat integration, which allows you to create a new Tidio Chat instance and connect it with your website or app with just one click. Tidio Chat also offers a free 7-day trial, so you can test the app and see if it works for your business before committing. Once your Tidio Chat instance is created, you can start adding your own AI bots to create a fully personalized support experience.

Tidio Chat offers a wide range of bot templates based on your business type and the most common issues customers face. You can either use one of these templates or create your bot from scratch.

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Key Features of Tidio Chat App

Shared Inbox:

This feature allows team managers to collaborate with their team members by sending and receiving messages through one shared inbox.

Seamless Integration:

Tidio chat offers seamless integration with popular messenger, websites, CRM, social media, and eCommerce platforms. You can integrate tidio with your website and mobile apps with just a few clicks.

Chat Bots:

Tidio Chat offers various chatbots designed for specific purposes, including customer support, lead generation, and more. Bots can be customized to fit your business needs.

In-built Analytics and Reporting:

It is something that sets Tidio Chat App apart from the rest of the apps in the market. The analytics and reporting available in the app help you monitor your chat app’s growth and make necessary changes as per the insights.

Admin Control and Management:

The admin control and management feature give you the authority to manage your employees’ chat apps. You can also get notifications about any errors or bugs your employees encounter in the app.

User Management:

The user management feature in Tidio Chat helps you to keep track of the users in your chat app. You can add, edit or remove users from your chat app as per your requirements.


Chat apps can be programmed to handle many customer inquiries, making it easy to quickly switch to another issue if your bot cannot address a question. It makes it a highly flexible and scalable option for businesses that experience high volumes of inquiries.

The Problem with Traditional Chats and Help Desks

Traditional help desks and live chats have a number of limitations when it comes to providing a truly personalized experience to a customer that’s both efficient and speedy. –

Inability to scale:

A human-only help desk cannot handle the exponential growth in customer inquiries over time. It is also incapable of quickly switching to another issue if the first one is outside of its scope.

Lack of data:

A traditional help desk’s inability to scale also translates into a lack of data. Most businesses that rely purely on humans for their live chats find it challenging to track and analyze the data related to their interactions. This makes it almost impossible to personalize the support experience for each customer.

Lack of consistency:

Humans are, by their very nature, inconsistent. No two people can offer the same level of service, nor will they be able to stay on top of the latest trends and tips. This inconsistency creates a negative customer experience and reduces loyalty.

Why Tidio Chat Makes Customer Service Easier

Chats that require human operators to manually handle customer inquiries don’t scale, plain and simple. Only so many people can be on duty at any given time, and they are bound to get overwhelmed as demand increases. On the other hand, a chat app that contains artificial intelligence (AI) bots can handle a sizeable chunk of incoming inquiries, learn from each customer interaction, and improve itself over time.

A chat app built with AI bots offers a number of benefits over a purely human-managed chat. It can handle the volume of inquiries that a human-only support experience can’t even come close to. It can learn from customer interactions to provide a more personal and relevant experience. And it can also reduce the time it takes for a customer to resolve their issue.

Pros of using the Tidio Chat App

The pros associated with using Tidio Chat App include:

  • Tidio Chat App has numerous features that can help your business flourish.
  • Using a robust and secure chat app is necessary to protect your customers’ data. Tidio Chat App offers powerful security features to protect your customers’ data.
  • You can communicate rapidly with your team members or clients in real-time communication.
  • The user-friendly interface of the Tidio Chat App makes it easy for both new and existing customers to use the app.
  • There are multiple integrations available for Tidio Chat App. This feature helps the app fit into your business’s existing workflows.

Tidio Pricing and Plans

Tidio offers a free trial for new customers. From there, you can choose between three different plans: Communicator, Chatbots, and Tidio+. Their pricing is as follows:

  • Communicator Plan: $19/month (for up to 5 operators)
  • Chatbots Plan: $39/month
  • Tidio+ Plan: $289/month (Custom number of operators)

Bottom line

Chat is quickly becoming the primary method of communication between companies and their customers. This is why a chat app built with AI bots is a game-changing solution.

Hope our Tidio review has given you enough understanding of this excellent AI-based chat app. Please let us know in the comment section if you want to know more about the Tidio chat app.

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