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How World of Warships Legends Changed My Perspective on Gaming

World of Warships Legends
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World of Warships Legends is a free-to-play mobile game that seems like an odd combination of Clash of Clans and World of Warcraft. I was skeptical at first, but the game won me over with its deep strategy and complex gameplay.

I’ve played many games over the years. But never before have I found such an immersive world as this one. It’s not just about hunting down your enemies and taking their resources; it’s about what you do with those resources to become stronger. And you can’t win without working together with your teammates either. WOWs Legends offer the best of both worlds: fun and collaborative gaming for all ages and skill levels!

So, read on this World of Warships Legends Review, to know everything about this fantastic game!

The World of Warships Legends Gameplay

One of my favourite aspects of this game is the gameplay. You can customize your game to suit your preferences, with many different game modes and ships to choose from. You’ll have access to a standard ship with primary weapons when you start. But by playing the game and completing missions, you’ll earn coins that can be used to buy upgrades for your ship or new ships. 

Gameplay is very strategic, too, with many different options for upgrading your fleet. There are six types of resources in the game: steel, coal, wood, oil, uranium, and gold. These resources are used for everything from buying upgrades to building your base (or destroying it). And when you upgrade one resource in particular, it will affect how you play the game–so make sure you develop a strategy before diving in!

The Characters and Story

The game is set in the world of Warships, which is where you’ll find all of your favourite ships from World War II. The storyline follows the crew of the Leningrad while they fight to reclaim their country after being invaded by a mysterious power.

There are four main characters, each with their own storylines; however, these narratives are intertwined, and you’ll see them playing together throughout the game. There’s always something to do for everyone! Players can choose how to play individually or collaborate with their friends in online missions. 

Each character has three different classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. While exploring your hometown, you can upgrade buildings that will provide you with new troops, ships, and troops at every level. You’re given plenty of opportunities to learn about each character’s backstory too!

How to Sign up on World of Warships Legends

To sign up on wows legends, you will need to register an account and then choose a faction or fleet that interests you. 

To create an account, click on the “Create Account” button and then fill out all the relevant information. You will need to provide your email address, username, password, and date of birth. You may also have to agree to some terms and conditions.

When you click “Create Account,” a new window should pop up asking you which faction or fleet you want to join. If this does not happen automatically, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Each choice will have a corresponding cost in credits required for purchase purposes. After making a selection, click “Next” and then enter a valid credit card number and fill out any other relevant information requested.

Choosing your faction

Choosing which faction you want to join is the first step in registering. It will determine what ships you can purchase, but it won’t impact your gameplay. All three factions are available for free, so there’s no need to worry about having to pay for something before you even get started. 

To make your decision, consider which ships interest you the most and which country that ship represents. You can then choose one of the three factions that offer this type of ship.

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Choosing your fleet

After signing up, one of the first steps is choosing which fleet you want to join. When picking your fleet, you will have three options: United States Navy, German Kriegsmarine, or Imperial Japanese Navy.

The first option is the United States Navy. They are known for their powerful ships and aircraft carriers. If you choose this fleet, your ships will be available for purchase at a reduced price.

The second option is the German Kriegsmarine. This fleet specializes in submarines and naval mines. If you pick this fleet, your ships will be available for purchase at an average price.

The last option is the Imperial Japanese Navy. This navy is known for its fast battleships and heavy cruisers. When you pick this fleet, your ships will be available for purchase at an increased price.

Which one of these fleets best suits your style?

How to Start Playing World of Warships Legends (Tips for Beginners)

World of Warships Legends by Wargaming is the latest addition to the company’s popular naval combat game. With its arrival, new players can also get started on their own naval adventures by getting the best tips possible for beginners.

Whether you’re looking for the best ships to start with or need help with upgrading your equipment, here are 7 essential tips that will ensure you become a legend in no time! 

Choosing the best ships

#1. Choosing a ship is an important decision, and it might take some time to find the perfect fit.

#2. The first thing you need to know about your ship is its tier level. Tier levels range from one to ten, each higher tier being more powerful than the previous one.

#3. You’ll get access to better ships as you progress through the game, but don’t forget to check out lower tiers, too – new players can get started with Tier 1 or 2 ships!

Basic controls

It is essential to know the basic controls when starting a new game. Even though the controls may seem intimidating, they are pretty easy to understand.

Navigating your ship is done by using the joystick (or arrow keys) and clicking the FIRE button to fire. You can also change altitude.  

How to earn credits

Getting credits is one of the most important things you need to do to upgrade your equipment. And the good news is that there are many ways to earn them! You’ll start off with a small amount, but the first thing you should do is grind out some battles. The more battles you play, the more credits you’ll earn.

You can also earn credits by watching ads or completing quests. If you want to go all-in, you can buy them directly from the Play Store.

How to upgrade your equipment

The most crucial equipment in the game is the ships themselves, but you also need to know how to upgrade them. There are two types of upgrades for your ship:

Crew upgrades – These upgrades will improve your overall combat stats and allow you to play more battles before receiving repairs.

Ship upgrades – These upgrades will improve your ship’s statistics in general to provide a better combat experience.

Crew upgrades can be obtained by leveling up your crew members with better equipment or by using medals that you earn through playing battles. You can buy medals through cash or via crates that you’ll receive after completing certain goals in-game. 

Ship upgrades can be obtained by salvaging, which is done when you lose a battle, outright buying them with cash, or by purchasing them from the store. With this information, it is now possible to determine which type of upgrade would best suit your needs and ensure that your ship is equipped accordingly!

How to play with friends

Playing with friends is one of the best parts of World of Warships Legends. Invite them to join your fleet using the in-game chat feature to play with your friends. Just select the chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen and type “invite a friend” into the bar that pops up. You can also start a private game if you don’t want to use their account. However, this will only allow two people to play simultaneously.

How the game makes you feel

Many games today are addicting. You can’t stop playing once you’ve started. But this game was different for me. I felt like the game had such a pace that allowed me to take breaks and do something else without losing interest in the game.

It’s not easy to find a game that makes you put your phone down and do something else. So, I was thrilled when I found a game where I could have fun without being sucked in too far!

The best part about World of Warships Legends is that it doesn’t require much commitment from the player. There’s a low-time investment with high payoffs, which is perfect for those who don’t have as much free time to play as they once did. 

In addition to that, it’s also very welcoming to newcomers–even those who might not be as tech-savvy as others. Gameplay is intuitive and easy for users of all skill levels to pick up on quickly.

I’m happy to say that my first impression of wows legends was utterly wrong! It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had!


World of Warships Legends is a refreshing change to the typical quick-play game. It’s a game that takes its time with the pacing and allows the player to enjoy the story and gameplay without feeling overwhelmed or hurried. It’s not a game for everyone, but it is sure to become an addictive favorite for those who do like it.

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