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7 Sites To Watch Tv Shows Online Free In 2020

watch tv shows online free
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Searching for a website to watch Tv shows online free? You are at the right place. We come up with a list of 7 sites that are streaming online Tv shows for free.

Nowadays there are so many websites available who provide free online streaming services to their users to watch their favorite Tv shows for free. But you can’t trust all of them because many of these websites are not safe and they scam users for signing up and charge unnecessary fees. So be cautious while signing up for such websites who provide Tv shows online free because a lot of these websites are not safe to use. So here we come up with some of the trustworthy sites from where you can watch and enjoy full episodes of your favorite Tv shows for free. These websites not only allow you to watch tv shows for free but you can also download your favorite shows to watch it later.

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7 Sites To Watch Tv Shows For Free in 2020


Sony Crackle is a US-based Free Tv shows and movie streaming website. It is among the most popular websites to watch Tv shows online free and movies. Here you can watch free tv shows and movies from your favorites genres like Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime, and Comedy. Right now Sony Crackle services are available in only 21 countries but you can still watch and enjoy your favorites Shows and movies by using VPN Service.

Sony crackle is a safe platform to watch Free Tv shows and movies online. For watching your favorites shows all you need to do is create an account with Sony Crackle which is free of cost.


Popcornflix is popular for watching online movies for free. But you can also watch popular web series and Tv shows online for free on this website. Here you can find a huge range of genres from which you can select your favorite Tv shows and movies. There is no need to sign up to watch Free TV Shows and Movies for free.

But while watching your favorite Tv Shows online you will encounter some ads. So it will be advisable to use ad-blocking services while watching free online TV shows and movies


Amazon Prime is one of the most popular online streaming websites to watch Tv shows and movies. Although it is not free but the subscription fees are affordable for all. You will also avail some other benefits from Amazon if you are a member of Amazon Prime like free two-day delivery, free shipping, music, and video streaming. 

Apart from watching Tv shows, Web series and movies Amazon prime have their own Amazon Originals web series which you will love to watch.


Hotstar is the largest free streaming platform in India to watch free tv shows and movies online. Hotstar launched in February 2015 and gain huge popularity in a very short period. You can also watch some of the popular web series like Game of Thrones and other HBO series in Hotstar. But this available for only those who have Hotstar premium membership package. 

You can also watch live streaming of your favorite sports such as Cricket, Kabaddi, and football. Hotstar is a very user-friendly website.

5. TUBI TV –

Tubi Tv is US-based free online Tv shows and movie streaming website. You can watch unlimited tv shows and movies for free by just registering on Tubi Tv. In Tubi Tv, you can watch shows and movies in high quality on any devices. 

Tubi Tv is a 100% safe website to watch and enjoy your favorite shows and movies online for free. But like other free streaming websites, you will encounter some ads on Tubi Tv as well.


Pluto Tv is a kind of online Tv where you can flip channels to find your favorite shows and Movies. It has more than 100 channels in categories such as news, entertainment, sports, comedy, etc. Pluto Tv is a good alternative for Tv to watch free tv shows online 

But there is no subtitle option available on Pluto Tv.

7. VUDU –

Vudu is an online free movie and Tv shows streaming platforms. To avail free tv shows and movies service all you need to do is signing up with Vudu. The video quality is quite good. 

But In Vudu all movies aren’t free, some of them are paid. In the paid version you will get rid of ads and enjoy your favorite movies and Tv Shows without encountering unnecessary advertisements.

Conclusion – 

The above-listed sites are trustworthy websites from where you can watch tv shows online free. Even the video quality of these websites is good so that you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without any problem. Please let us know in the comment section if you know some other websites which are safe to use to watch free tv shows online.

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