How to Download Facebook Videos on PC & Mac! 

How to Download Facebook Videos
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How to Download Facebook Videos: The massive upheaval in social media users in recent years has made Facebook a medium of networking and a great source of infotainment. 

Nowadays, people from all fields of life upload short stories and lengthy videos on Facebook to get a broader reach. Some people prefer to upload videos to show their craft, like dancing, singing, acting, and designing. Similarly, academic individuals opt for publishing videos relevant to their fields like literature, sociology, philosophy, and psychology. 

This practice provides two-way benefits to Facebook users. Content creators get more followers, thus views and money. Meanwhile, viewers get their hands on some amazing content from an educational and entertainment perspective. The best way to benefit from these videos is to download them and watch them in leisure time peacefully. There is one solid reason that shows that video downloading is better than watching videos online. We will discuss that below.

Reason Behind Downloading Facebook videos

Sometimes, when viewers like a video, the breakage in the internet connection or some other urgency makes them skip that video. Later on, when they try to find that video to watch, they fail to do so. It happens because the video gets deleted by its owner, or they forget the platform’s name where the video was available. 

However, there is a solution to solve this problem. They can watch their likeable video anytime later in their free time if they download that instantly. There are numerous ways of downloading Facebook videos. 

We will highlight the most remarkable ones below to enlighten you about downloading videos on PC & Mac.

Ways to Download Facebook Videos On PC and Mac

Downloading videos from Facebook is a challenging task despite this medium’s absence of a downloading feature. 

You can easily download your favorite videos if you possess the link to your desired video. Consequently, you must go to a video downloading channel, paste your link, and press the downloading button. 

As a result, they will get downloaded and saved to your device within seconds. 

Following are the sources you can use to download Facebook videos on PC and Mac.

Use of Web Tools

The primary means to download Facebook videos is to take help from video downloading tools available on the web. 

Countless sites facilitate users with an online Facebook Video Downloader. Such channels provide this service for free as you download an unlimited number of videos daily with the help of these tools. Moreover, you would not be asked to download and install any program to use these tools. 

We will provide details of two outstanding utilities below to save you from indulging in web exploration to find excellent tools.

The online Facebook video downloader at this site is a simple one. You can learn the art of using it after taking a short glance. 

Duplichecker provides free Facebook video download services to all of its users, and you can download videos in multiple qualities, including 360p,480p,720p, and 1080p. With that, it supports all file formats. So you can download videos in a file format like MP4, WebM, and MKV. Therefore, you won’t need to find specific tools for particular file formats.

It is another most used site where you can enjoy Facebook video downloading. This tool is compatible with all devices so that you can download Facebook videos on desktops and your mobile. 

Moreover, it runs equally well on all operating systems and browsers. Therefore, there is no need to install a specific browser to enjoy the downloading video facility of this site. 

Moreover, it also gives a video preview before downloading it to ensure that you get the right video. As a result, you save yourself from downloading spam videos.

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Install Video Downloading Software

If your desired video size is too large, it is better to use video downloading software on your device to make the job easier. To benefit from such programs, you must first download and install one on your device. You can find suitable software after experimenting with a few. 

But, to save you time, we will highlight a couple of good Facebook Video Downloader software here.

This software helps you download videos from Facebook and 900 other platforms. You can download videos in 8K, 4K, UHD, 1080p, 720p, and many different resolutions per your need. 

Additionally, you can convert your videos to more than 10 formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, AAC, and many more. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy simultaneous downloads with this service and also download complete playlists from YouTube. You can also schedule your video downloading to manage the video gallery better.

Another helpful Facebook video downloader that can assist you in downloading videos from Facebook and many other channels is available on this site. You can download the windows and Mac versions of this program based on your device type. It is free and allows you to limit your download speed from 700 kbps to 8Mbps. Moreover, you can upload your videos to Dropbox and Google Drive after downloading them. 

Final Remarks

You must have access to different Facebook video downloading facilities because it will help you save helpful content to your device that you can relish in your free time. And, using the above-highlighted ways on how to download facebook videos on PC & Mac, you can download videos easily.

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